At the core of our technology is the Gtech™ platform. We pride ourselves on developing and refining our technology in-house, and this means we’re not beholden to third-party limitations, allowing Outline to remain on the cutting edge of technological advancements.
We understand there’s no such thing as stagnation in the world of technology, and that is precisely the reason we created the Gtech™ suite to harness technology and data integration, and empower our teams to constantly re-imagine the art of the possible.

We don't just follow trends We set them

Gtech™ is a technology platform combining the best of breed sensors, hardware, software, data engineering, and a creative open-source tech-stack.

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Multispectral. The genesis of Outline's imaging strength and continues our evolution. The Gtech™ G-series is engineered with a 4Band (RGB+NIR) sensor payload that brings high-resolution and precision to aerial mapping. A modular configuration allows flexibility in the sky to tailor for different landscapes.
LiDAR. The Lx-series is the latest addition to the Gtech™ family. This LiDAR component has been integrated to our platform and benefits from the platform's advanced GNSS/IMU with the added benefits of concurrent RGBi imaging. A powerful laser setup with dynamic swath settings offering flexibility for different terrains.
GMap Go. Coming soon! A new experience for imagery and geospatial content designed for "On-the-GO".
GMap Pro. Coming soon! Our flagship solution tailored for Imagery-as-an-Asset and enterprise GIS workflows.