Outline captures multispectral colour aerial images (RGB) and near infra-red (NIR) light bands with industry leading true colour depth and sharpness.

This combination creates a high-resolution 4-band image that offers unique insights that go well beyond the visible range. Outline Imagery is analysis-ready and available in different formats for GIS, CAD and Image Exploitation applications.

Outline aerial surveys range from small scale, high-resolution precision surveys of a few square kilometres, to large scale surveys covering thousands of square kilometres. Our captures deliver imagery products with a high spatial accuracy that are used for applications like mine and urban planning, mapping, environment change monitoring, stockpile calculations and erosion monitoring.

Our Gtech™ camera systems have a wide range of capabilities and are readily transportable; this means we can tailor solutions to meet the specific data capture needs of our customers – wherever, whenever.

Not only are the images visually appealing, but the accuracy of each pixel is very high. For an image captured at 5cm resolution, each pixel is accurate to within 10cm of its real-world coordinate. This means that precise measurements can be made from the images, supporting highly accurate mapping and ensuring that images from repeat surveys will overlay one another seamlessly.

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Horizontal accuracy

From 2 pixels RMSE

Vertical accuracy

From 2 pixels RMSE

Quick response

Immediate capture for time-sensitive data

Turnaround time

Quick capture, less than 2 weeks for processing


Custom timing and remote captures


Key Benefits

Image Quality

Industry-leading resolution, colour, clarity and positional accuracy.

Reduce Risk

Equivalent or enhanced resolution and accuracy at a more affordable cost compared with other technologies.

Timely Delivery

A photogrammetry and GIS workflow designed for optimal quality and content delivery.

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