We treat every job as an Insights projects, we call our AI “Augmented Intelligence” that powers knowledge creation.

Our approach is to understand the ‘real world’ AI model outcomes you are trying to achieve and provide a recommended approach across the key workstreams to achieve these outcomes. Our AI toolbox is scalable, reliable, and actionable when applied to large spatial datasets. Enriching the ‘location’ dimensions can help unlock hidden patterns. Outline Insights is an open-architecture promoting transparency in AI model development. We focus on data preparation and refining training data by taking into account the importance of geospatial accuracy, pixel clarity and essential spatial ontology/topology parameters.

Industry-leading knowledge in the planning, capture, preparation, and delivery of training data for spatially-based AI models. By integrating geographic information with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, organisations can analyse and visualise data in a spatial context, enabling deeper insights and understanding.


Semi-automatic mapping of vegetation and environmental activities during mining exploration.




There are many ways to utilise Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI), but there are also problems that are inefficient to apply AI when there is a large uncertainty and a small sampled knowledge. Using traditional geospatial techniques with ML-guided segmentation algorithms can promote a visual understanding and allow for human-in-the-loop enforcement learnings.

Developed AI segmentation algorithms remove above-ground features such as trees, mining infrastructure and buildings from derived stereoscopic digital elevation models whilst retaining the underlying bare earth.

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Classification, bounding box, segmentation

Image resolution

To specification, from 1cm to 1m image pixels

Image classification

Binary and multi-class

Image labelling

Manual and assisted labelling

Image augmentation

Spatial, colour and texture


Offline, edge or cloud


Key Benefits

Large Scale Modelling

Fusing geospatial content with computer-vision algorithm at scale.

Industry Recognised

Award-winning ML/AI design and implementation solving complex problems.


Discover hidden patterns and the undiscovered. Imagery-based AI supports location insights beyond the visible range.

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