Outline’s mobile Gtech™ LX-series laser system brings flexibility and industry-leading precision and quality to the market.

LiDAR point data acquisition is well suited for areas with dense vegetation and in areas with steep terrain. Rather than taking a picture, LiDAR scanners emit a laser pulse measuring the time taken for the reflected pulse to return to the scanner. This measurement is used to calculate the distance between the laser source and the object.

Traditional LiDAR systems are unwieldy and expensive but with Outline’s flexible and mobile GTech™ laser system with tightly integrated GPS-IMU, high-resolution, accurate elevation products can be supplied at a competitive cost. LiDAR data can optionally be served with co-registered image data as a colourised point cloud and more.

The laser is able to penetrate through the vegetation canopy, providing a detailed and accurate representation of the ground surface and the vegetation and other features above. Height values are then classified into above-ground and ground features. This detailed elevation data can be used for applications such as engineering works, vegetation mapping, drainage and detailed corridor mapping.


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Capture areas

1 - 1,000km²


From 2 up to 40 pts/m²


Wide Field of View
Automated AI based feature extraction and classification


Horizontal 100mm RMSE
Vertical 50mm RMSE


Key Benefits

High Fidelity Feature Detection

Flexible point density and grid sampling for different use cases and applications.

Cost Effective

Our LX-series is designed to capture large swaths efficiently and maintain high point density.


Industry-leading accuracy and measurement redundancies mean data you can trust.

Industries we work with


Asset Management


Vegetation and Forestry